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Pos - Store Manager Application form

Pos (Store Manager)
Register now to become a POS and start selling our products in your area.Get a percentage on every item you sold and get your cash every week or every 15 days.

HOW IT WORKS: Itís Very Simple!
If you are qualified to be a MPAH store manager, MPAH WIN-WIN Distribution system department will send you free all the DVDs or CDs projects produced by MPAH.

Your job will be only to prepare the big release sale day of the products and sale the items to the customers in your area.

You will get a percentage on every sale.

PS: You must have a desktop or laptop computer that running Windows XP or Vista and also you must have High-Speed Internet Access.

1st step: Fill out the form below.
2nd Step: Our representative will contact you via email for further info. 

For more info contact us at: storemanager@mpah.org

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