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haitian actor in big screen
Posted On 03/12/2008 21:47:28

[Showbiz News Wire] - Haitian actor Frantz St-Louis who plays in “The Shield“, “Adam Wade“, and “Runway 22” is making a move from television to the big screen. The actor is slated to star in the independent film “Devil’s Night” to be shot in Chicago, and set to be released in 2009. St. Louis auditioned for Broadway legend Louis Larusso II and was cast as “Anthony” in the Off-Broadway hit “The Zebra“. He played the role of a young slave in the play “Know Thy Enemy‘ where critics described him as “Powerful“. St-Louis made his film debut in the HBO film “Everyday People“. The new movie “Devil’s Night” is written by Marshall Allman and Jim Parrack.

The shots
Posted On 02/11/2008 18:28:15

 The shots , so many  filmakers always paying attention to the shots when they watching a movie.
 how to define a shots?
The shots are define by the amount of subject matter that's included within the frame of the screen.
 does so many types of shots let's enumerate them

1-The extreme long shot.
2-The long shot.
3-The full shot
4-The medium shot 
5-The close up
6-The extreme close up( the deep focus is usually a variation of the longg or extreme shot

pss: read this  ANDRE BAZIN  The great french critic  said One way to understanding better what  a film is trying to say is to know how it is saying it.



the formalism style
Posted On 01/30/2008 19:15:21

last week  in my blog i was talking  about the lumiere brothers  in france . We can attribute  the relaism  movie style to them.

for the formalism  does a big  name  you should  know ,Georges Melies.
George Melies  created  a number of fantasy films like a (Trip To The Moon)
in the formalist movie you should looking for the style.
 formalist movie, the style are stylistically flamboyant, Their directors are concerned with expressing their unabashedly subjective experience of reality, not how other people might see
Formailst are often referred to as expressionists, because their self-expression is at least  important as the subject matter itself.

watch sanpapye you will see both styles

 pss: see you soon for the next blog

the realism style of film how to identify it
Posted On 01/25/2008 16:17:22

Yesterday my blog was bout the tree styles of film , today i choose  to explain to my readers
what's a realism fim and formalism  film.

in the 19 century, movies began to develop in two major directions realistic and formalistic.
i'm sure so many of you have heard about the brothers lumiere in france.
the brothers lumiere use to attract audiences with their short movies .We can take  as example 
(The arrival of  the train) the brothers lumiere  fascinated the viewers precisely, because they seemed to capture the flux  and spontaniety of  events they were viewed in real life.
 in realism we see the reality , we can take  sanpapye  as an example  is realistic.
cause subject they bring to big screen it's something   you saw every  day in united state .
we can say san papye took booth styles realism in formalisn.

psss: in the next blog you will get more 

bingo: does something you should about the italian crictic who called cinema the 7 art
           Riciotto canudo called the cinema 7 art in 1911


Over view the Three styles of film
Posted On 01/24/2008 15:35:38

 all the filmakers should  know the three styles of film, some of them doesn't know
don't feel ofended, read this carefully

three types of films
1- realism
3- formalism

if  i talk about films, does three types of  cinema to

PSS  keep reading my blog does more to come
3-films and avant-garde movies.

before i finish with this blog does something you should know write  this
 who  called cinema the 7 art ?
 answer  the italian critic Riciotto Canudo (1877-1923),


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