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Mz sendy

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decision,pouki se ou,la secretaire de l'avocat,la croyance,le jeu du mecontentement.

carimi se lam prale,djakout mizik tendrese.

holy bible,ti malice lol



Plot Summary for
Decision (2006)

A young, smart, haitian student Djovy (Chelton Charles) had no mother, but raised by his grand-mother Paulette (Felicia Morose).
After graduated from high school, Djovy had received a visa so he could come to study in the United States.
He had only one destination to stay with his long time friend Kervens (Eliassaint Maxime) who has been in the states for a long time.
Coming to the U.S. Kervens only trusted one student to be Djovy's friend Olivier (Edzer Limose).
They didn't take a long time to work out the friendship together.
After a few months later Djovy (with his creole accent) fall in love with one of the most beautiful haitian student in the campus.lucy.(sendy formilus).. In the other hands Big Boss (Wisly Pierre) had found a girl of his dreams Marina (Kisha Estime).
He spent much of his time and money on her. Marina in her mind didn't have a real love for him, she took the money so she could take care of a young dude Anderson (Sandy Bernard).
Djovy's friendship with Olivier won't last for long after Djovy got cut accompany with Olivier's girlfriend Sandy (Sandra St Cyr) in a party.
There will be a lot decisions taking.
But the big one remain undecided.
When Djovy received a news that his grand-ma is not doing well in Haiti.
He had promised her from any Circumstances "He will come to see her before she pass away".
Will Djovy forget about his promise? Will he stays in the U.S. enjoys his life with his girlfriend Lucy or go to Haiti.
What will be his DECISION?
pouki se ou..


What would you like to know about sendy?
Lesline Sendy Formilus was born in Hinche, Haiti on February 23. Sendy is daughter of Marie Joceline Richard and Lelio Formilus, who have both worked very hard for education their children.
Sendy did her primary studies at the Ecole St Andre episcopale de Hinche and she's graduate in Dillard high school,now she go to bcc.
Lesline Sendy Formilus started acting at the very young age with the group "Petite Etoile D'Or and Fenix she used to perform and play many Plays.She's the extroverted, artistic, lovable, charming and fatuous type, very intelligent, very cool, mindful,friendly,compassionate,caring, open-minded, mature,competent, and well-adjusted. She loves taking pictures. She makes the best of what she has.Sendy reads and writes a lot. I've been looking for her diary for my whole life and i still can't find it.
Sendy play the role of Lucy in decision (2006).
She play the role of Nathalie in Pouki Se Ou (2007).
She also play the role of betty La Secretaire De L'Avocat (2008) coming soon.
Now she's writing her movie name La Croyance.

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From: Berline
04/13/2009 16:13:21

When the movie will be out on DVD

From: mimirch
12/26/2008 01:49:38
Merry Christmas to you and yours

From: JimJimproductions
10/01/2008 18:47:32
Randevou avek lanmo (Date with Death)
New haitian movie coming out November 15 2008
at 30 washington street, Somerville MA 02143

here is the link:



From: paulson
09/07/2008 05:11:38

that's good, as long as u chillin, but me, i just got home from shooting oasis 2 and im exusted, im going to sleep now, good night.

paulson wrote:

hey, what's up? where u been?


From: paulson
09/06/2008 04:23:50

hey, what's up? where u been?

From: Yolie4444
08/07/2008 23:00:43
thank you for the request

From: dreadla
08/04/2008 21:08:37
Hey sendy, how are you? Just passin thru to say hello..

From: Benson
08/02/2008 07:46:29

Your request is granted, welcome at MPAHAITI, you are not alone when come to join us. 

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