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60 years old
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JOB: Self employed
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RELIGION: Catholic
BODY TYPE: Little extra
WHO ARE YOU ?: Producer
WHO ARE YOU - 2 ?: Director
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Traveling / Adventure / The beach

Founérailles / Les Gens de Bien / Shérico s.a. / L'Enquête se Poursuit / Infidélité / Pour l'Amour de Suzie / Ala Traka pou Baba #1 / Ala Traka pou Baba #2 / Ti Fi Pastè #2

PVS Communications
Réseau National Télévision PVS (RNTV PVS)


Positive attitudes

Never been a Haitian movie like this one.

Without being a threat to society, I live my life my way, according to my dreams. With strong will, one man can make a difference in this world, whether be in his family, his community, his country or for the entire mankind. Never let anyone tell you that you can not achieve your dreams. Reach for the higher stars and never stop working towards your goal. As a child, I dreamt about a Haitian movie industry. I was told that it wont happen. Guess what? I am so happy that I was part of the making of that industry. I was told that private television broadcasting was impossible in Haiti. Guess what? I have the first private broadcast television station in Haiti's history. And you know what? I am still dreaming and I have many to come tru e before I pass away.
On a personal level, I love beautiful and sexy women. I have been married twice, unfortunately. (No one gets married to be divorced). I am the father of 4 kids, sorry, young adults. My youngest is 19, Sarah. My oldest is 28, Marc Anthony, one of the best actors in the industry today, not because he is my son. Of course that helped, but because he has talents and the physical features for it. Don't believe me? Just go belfim.com and type his name. He is followed by 2 other beautiful sisters, Tatiana, who is now married and has 2 beautiful daughters (Tiani and Taj), ans Sabine who is set to get married in September of this year. My first wife, the mother of my 3 oldest kids, sorry, young adults, is named Régine Lafontant. My second wife, the mother of Sarah is named Carine Lahens, presently the owner of Cine Vision in Miami.
Education: I am a graduate of the University of Miami, school of Communications, with a BFA is Communications, with a major in Motion Pictures and a minor in TV Broadcasting. It takes inner talents to succeed but the trade has to be learned. If you really want to master your profession, put some good knowledge alongside your skills.
I am presently the owner of PVS Communications, a TV station in Port-au-Prince and video and cinema production company with much involvements in communications schooling, and RNTV PVS, a network of 9 TV stations covering the major parts of the island of Haiti.

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From: Berline
05/18/2010 12:23:36

I didn't see you on the video message from the HMI, you are an icon to me are you going to be on the English Version i heard that it will be out soon.

From: Berline
04/28/2010 18:48:59

any new movie yet ?

From: sondynofear
02/16/2010 22:35:02

From: Berline
01/09/2010 22:01:59

Quelle est la difference entre MPAH et HAAF ?

From: tiboul
08/08/2009 00:48:35

Baba check my video' ouanchenem' on youtube

From: mimirch
06/10/2009 01:46:10

rdelerme wrote:

Thanks.  I am fine.  when you have a chance go to www.thehaaf.org and tell me what you think.

mimirch wrote:

Came visiting your page, how are you? hope everything is well!

Sure, not a problem!

From: mimirch
06/10/2009 01:35:06

Came visiting your page, how are you? hope everything is well!

From: Berline
05/06/2009 13:38:32

Je suis un peu decu de ton film Where is the Justice

Mais c'est pas grave je penses que tu peux faire mieux une autre fois

From: Berline
04/22/2009 13:29:37

Congratulation on your new association 

From: Berline
04/13/2009 16:10:15

Good Morning 

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