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Music in Your Movie
Posted On 03/05/2008 15:43:57 by administrator
Music in Your Movie

By Scott Shaw

Adding soundtrack to your Indie film is one of the most essential elements to make it look and feel like a real motion picture. The question is often raised by Indie Filmmakers, on a limited budget, just how do I get the kind of music I want for my film? The answer to that is both complicated and quite simple. To answer this question this article will look at both what to do and what not to do in order to so... Read More

What type of insurance should a filmmaker consider?
Posted On 02/07/2008 21:08:45 by administrator

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Insurance in this day and age is a necessary evil in many industries, film included. Insurance is there to cover you ag... Read More

Legal issues and forms
Posted On 01/24/2008 20:43:47 by administrator

One of the most confusing (and frightening) areas for many beginner filmmakers is dealing with legal issues. The process of making a movie involves many contracts, legal forms, and in some unfortunate situations, lawsuits. So itís very important to find a good lawyer to guide you through the entire process. In this section you will find some helpful legal tips, resources, and an assortment of standard documents for many situations you may encounter. But please note that nothing here is meant... Read More

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