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Production Coordinators
Posted On 05/24/2009 23:57:32 by mimirch

Production coordinators work in film, in television and with theatrical companies across the nation and around the world. The production coordinator is responsible for making sure that a project stays on schedule and that all people, equipment and materials are in the right places at the right times. This includes everything from arranging meals and accommodations for cast and crew to resolving contract issues and communication breakdowns.

A production coordinator is intimately involved... Read More

Creating Your DVD Title: Fundamentals of the DVD Format
Posted On 03/29/2009 14:06:31 by administrator
Creating Your DVD Title: Fundamentals of the DVD Format
An excerpt form the newly revised and reissued Ultimate Guide to Releasing Your film on DVD.
June 2008 Data stored in binary form, composed of strings of "ones" and "zeros," can represent anything that can be stored digitally for computer use: images, video, sound, or text. Optical discs such as the DVD (Digital Versatile Disc) store data as a series of microscopic indentations (known as "pits") in the disc surface. The disc driv... Read More

Sydney Latin American Film Festival
Posted On 03/21/2009 19:38:19 by administrator

Sydneys Latin American film Festival (SLAFF) is pleased to inform you that their call for entries for the 4th Sydney Latin American film Festival is now open. The deadline for submissions is 30 April 2009. We would be very grateful if you were able to distribute our media release among your students, contacts and networks. Please go to the link below to access the media release:

http://www.sydneylatinofilmfestival.org/cms/files/MR_SLAFF09_Call_ for_entries_Eng_v1.pdf

The 4th Sy... Read More

Posted On 10/09/2008 00:50:20 by unistudiosent

CONTACT: 954 594 4090
UNI Studios Entertainment will be holding a casting
call/audition for the featured film "Kompasyon Bondye".

On Saturday, the 18th day of October 2008, from 10:30AM
till 3:00PM we'll be casting actors & actresses
alike from the age of 13 to 55.

If you are a potential actor or you got what it takes
to act and, are interested in partaking with us in this
upcoming movie; feel f... Read More

How do I get the rights to adapt a book into a screenplay?
Posted On 03/09/2008 16:48:58 by administrator
How do I get the rights to adapt a book into a screenplay?
By Benjamin Craig
So you've read a book/play/article/something that you reckon will make an unreal movie. You're a script writer of sorts so you think, "yep. I'm gonna write this sucker." Where do you go from there?

The most important first step you should take is finding out whether the motion picture and associated rights are available for the work you wish to adapt. FIND THIS OUT BEFORE YOU START WRITING as you may ju... Read More

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