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Promote your Movie , your production company FREE

Make our movie industry worth it more through the media.MPAH has decided to encourage and favor media presentations by specialists and all others interested in news Dissemination on behalf of the Haitian Movie Industry.

Host your own TV Show on mpahaiti.org
Entertain your fans
Disseminate all necessary news to promote Haitian movies including your own to some extent.
Promotion: Make yourself an unanimous reputation through our extensive media community favoring Haitian movies.

Nowadays we found that the first Filmmakerís obligation is to share knowledge and open doors to upgrade their promotion capability. With that being said, nothing is more useful for the industry its artisans than Proper productivity and promotion. If you have a professional camera and the the developing talent, it will be easy for you to host your own TV show to be played on mpahaiti.org free wherever you are in our globe.
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