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The Motion Picture Association of Haiti, Inc. seek to advocate for the welfare of the Haitian Filmmakers, organize workshops for inner city children and youth, thereby educating them about the arts of filmmaking, and assist Haitian American filmmakers to market their finish products on the International Community.

One of our most important goals is to produce shorts films documentary to educate the community on those specifics issues:

Domestic Violence
Drugs and Alcohol abuse
Teen pregnancy prevention
Health Care
High School Drop out

MPAH has put many services in place.

The first one is a community web (www.mpah.org) in an effort to bridge all Haitian actors, writers, directors, producers and all others in the field of filmmaking.

On this website there is:

A 24/24 online television which offers courses pertaining to cinematography technique and also allows the Haitian filmmakers to post and promote their trailers.

The site offers to its members the possibility to create their blog, post their photo and publish their biographies, etc.

MPAH is committed to promote all Haitian cinematography products without prejudice for the sole purpose of promoting the Haitian film industry. This community website represents a source of information of the film industry over all, and particularly the Haitian film industry. MPAH has already over 1300 members among which are some prominent Haitian filmmakers and actors of the industry.

Executive Director
Hans Patrick Domercant

Address :
4258 Washington st,suite 3
Roslindale, MA 02131
Tel : 617-848-9017 / 617-980-6673

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