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Mirebalais Haiti Youth Filmmaking Learning Center
Posted On 01/22/2011 12:01:02 by administrator

The post-Haitian earthquake period is a challenging time for the youth and young adults in every Haitian community. The Mirebalais Youth Filmmaking Learning Center is being developed to address some of the issues being experienced by the poor youth and young adults in the Mirebalais community in Haiti. There is a fertile and active community of videographers and filmmakers in Mirebalais, who have numerous needs that cannot be addressed by existing organizations in the community.

Cultural programming can be a powerful tool to help young people make sense of the challenges they face; meaningful experiences in the arts, humanities and sciences can help foster positive growth that is essential to becoming a successful adult.

Program Goals 1. To help the youth of Mirebalais increase their creative skills and talent in arts .

2. To improve the general academic performance of children, youth and young adults in the Mirebalais community in Haiti

3. To increase opportunities for youth to use their skills for the good of the general public, for profit and/or non-profit.

4. To teach children and youth about filmmaking and the film industry and how to market their finished products.

5. To enable Mirebalais youth and children to achieve a school attendance rate of at least 92%.

6. To empower low-income, at-risk youth to work as a team to learn about movie making, including learning about the process of developing concepts, and planning, directing and producing documentary and feature films. MPAH’s “Video and Filmmaking Learning Center for Youth in Boston” program recognizes the fact that the key to performance is experiencing success and that success is always a motivator—Many children and youth are natural movie lovers and are motivated by this to experience all phases of filmmaking, including learning how to create their own films.

The Motion Picture Association of Haiti, Inc. (MPAH) is seeking funding to support the implementation of our Mirebalais Youth Filmmaking Learning Center. This grant will be used as general operating support to aid our efforts to diversify and deliver video programming instruction and production to the youth in Mirebalais, Haiti and by assisting local independent filmmakers through our wide range of services.

This fund will be used to help purchase video equipments and lighting sets.

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