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Boston Film Race
Posted On 02/18/2010 13:24:03 by administrator

The Boston Film Race 2010 is set to kick off at 10PM on Friday, March 26th!  Local filmmakers will be challenged to create an original short film in 24 hours based on a theme and surprise element assignment.  All of the completed films will premiere for the public at the Brattle Theater in Cambridge and the top films will be competing for thousands in cash & prizes against filmmakers across North America!

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How to Register a Team

It's easy to register.  First, download and read the Official Rules & Participation Agreement.  Once you have read, understood, and agree to the terms you are ready to register a team by clicking here.  The entry fee is US$119 per team until the Early Entry Deadline of March 4, 2010.

Releases (must be turned in with your film)

Boston Film Race 2010 Participation Agreement (to be signed by all cast & crew)

Talent Release .doc | Talent Release .pdf  (to be signed by all cast)

Music Release .doc | Music Release .pdf  (for any music used in your film)

Location Release .doc | Location Release .pdf (for any interior locations used in your film)

Artwork Release .doc | Artwork Release .pdf (for any animation, artwork or illustrations used in your film)


Film Dropoff Location (3/27/10)

Screenings  (4/1/10)


The Brattle Theatre

40 Brattle Street, Harvard Square

Cambridge, MA  02138

click here for map / directions

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From: herna_19
02/19/2010 02:22:15

wow thatll be a mazin i just wish i were a part of it ,anaywyas im lookin forward 4 it

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