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Haiti Quake Search to facilate the search of the missing people in Haiti
Posted On 02/03/2010 17:20:04 by administrator

Visit : http://www.haitiquakesearch.org

Haiti quake search is a program created by the Motion Picture Association of Haiti, Inc in collaboration with the African and American Friendship, Inc in response to the recent earthquake that hit Haiti January 12 2010 and resulted to the death of thousands of people including women, men, the elderly and children. There are more than 420,000 displaced people without any shelter and in need of medical assistance. 
Our primary goal is to facilitate the search of the missing people in Haiti through out our team on the ground in Haiti and our web site haitiquakesearch.org by allowing people to post, find who is alive, dead or missing.

Necessity for new involvement to collect data
Absence of resources to collect data is evident in the situation at hand. It is unfeasible for survivors living in the affected land to launch appropriate search for other survivors. Nor are they capable to make proper evaluation given some realities emotionally involved in the present circumstances. We also consider that some cultural conception mixed with certain living manners may obstruct data dissemination. Survivors and other citizens obviously impacted by this brutal earthquake remain powerless before the outcome of the disaster. We think that our expertise and our knowledge of Haitian affairs should be used to fulfill current need. As indigenous Haitian, Motion Picture Association of Haiti is in the position to help locate missing individuals and locate others because there will be no cultural or language barriers, since most of the members of the MPAH, Inc. members were born in Haiti and speaks both French and Creole. We believe that we will create more impact in this effort.

Given the situation caused by the last Earthquake in Haiti, it is imperative that we manage a fair data collection for families and all citizens to be informed of who is alive, who is not, who is still missing etc.

This project is being operated with many special units including others on the ground of Haiti to perform field searches and maintain contact with affected families, the Haitian Press and all necessary entities to help in the present task. Haiti Quake Search will be an accurate database made available to the media and all interested individuals.

As to the suggested mission, Haiti Quake Search will use all necessary means its internet database, local and media of all countries and communities to publish its collected data.

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As a result of the earthquake that hit Haiti on 12 January 2010, thousands of persons within Haiti and abroad have lost contact with their loved ones.

The aim of the Haitiquakesearch.org website is to find and restore the contact between separated family members through out our team on the ground in Haiti.

The website offers the possibility for publishing name of missing, alive and deceased.
Information published on the website can be modified only by the Administrator of the website. If you want to modify details or delete a name that you have published, please send us an E-mail with the required corrections, including your name and the reason for this request.

If your search is not successful, do not hesitate to revisit the website frequently, as everyday, new information is getting updated.

Email : contact@haitiquakesearch.org

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