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2011 MPAH Movie Award
Posted On 02/15/2011 20:07:47 by administrator

How to market and sell your movie on the Internet
Posted On 04/25/2010 16:11:49 by administrator

How to Market and Sell Your movie on The InternetBy Jason Brubaker

Over the past decade, everything has changed for the indie filmmaker. These days, there is no excuse not to make a feature film. But just as importantly, there is no excuse not to view your filmmakingas a business. That mean... Read More

Music in your movie
Posted On 11/10/2009 13:38:11 by Berline

By Scott Shaw

Adding soundtrack to your Indie Film is one of the most essential elements to make it look and feel like a real motion picture. The question is often raised by Indie Filmmakers, on a limited budget, just how do I get the kind of music I want for my film? The answer to that is both complicated... Read More

Realistic Knife Throw Effect
Posted On 09/03/2009 15:35:41 by movielakay

This week MovieLakay.com brings you a low-budget backyard FX from Indy Mogul’s website. Watch as Erik shows you how to create the awesome effect of throwing a knife into a person’s head! This effect is used in big budget movies like the “Matrix” and we’re going to show you how to do it for less than $20 dollars!

MovieLakay.com will keep posting more Tips & Tricks videos every week. Stay tuned.

... Read More

Haitian Movie Stars: MovieLakay.com wants to meet you
Posted On 06/23/2009 15:18:15 by movielakay

If you are a Haitian movie Star, MovieLakay.com would like to know more about  you.

We give interviews every week in the Miami, Florida and Montreal (Canada). 

The good thing is that you don't have to come to our studios - we will come to you.

Please do no hesitate to contact us.

[USA] 954.696.7927 | 954.709.3853

[CANADA] 514.962.1503

[EMAIL] info@movielakay.com


Click here to watch an interview wi... Read More

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