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Help Support and establish our video and filmmaking center for youth in...
Posted On 06/11/2010 23:20:46 by administrator

Help support and establish our filmmaking Learning Center for Youth in Boston
Founded in 2007, the Motion Picture Association of Haiti, Inc. seek to advocate for the welfare of the Haitian Filmmakers, organize workshops for inner city children and youth, thereby educating them about the arts of filmmaking, and assist Haitian American filmmakers to market their finish products on the International Community.

One of our most important goals is to produce shorts films documentary to ed... Read More

Filmmaking Workshops in Boston June 25th 2010
Posted On 06/08/2010 11:34:25 by administrator

Join the FCPUG Network, including FCPUGs and digital video user groups from within the US, Canada and the world over in Boston for the largest gathering of FCP, Avid and Adobe editors, HDSLR filmmakers and digital content creators and Gurus on the East Coast in 2010! Digital Filmmakers: "Get Seen" by showing your films in Open Screen Theatre.

Where? Back Bay Events Center
John Hancock Hall
180 Berkeley Street
Boston, MA 02116
(617) 236-1199

... Read More

Create a Sci-Fi Movie Title
Posted On 09/15/2009 16:24:18 by administrator

Create a Sci-Fi Movie Title Sequence
Author: Michael Park

Requirement: Video Copilot Twitch Plugin (download here)
The effect can also be achieved without this plugin by manually keyframing the effect.

... Read More

Creating Your DVD Title: Fundamentals of the DVD Format
Posted On 03/29/2009 14:06:31 by administrator
Creating Your DVD Title: Fundamentals of the DVD Format
An excerpt form the newly revised and reissued Ultimate Guide to Releasing Your Film on DVD.
June 2008 Data stored in binary form, composed of strings of "ones" and "zeros," can represent anything that can be stored digitally for computer use: images, video, sound, or text. Optical discs such as the DVD (Digital Versatile Disc) store data as a series of microscopic indentations (known as "pits") in the disc surface. The disc driv... Read More

How do I get the rights to adapt a book into a screenplay?
Posted On 03/09/2008 16:48:58 by administrator
How do I get the rights to adapt a book into a screenplay?
By Benjamin Craig
So you've read a book/play/article/something that you reckon will make an unreal movie. You're a script writer of sorts so you think, "yep. I'm gonna write this sucker." Where do you go from there?

The most important first step you should take is finding out whether the motion picture and associated rights are available for the work you wish to adapt. FIND THIS OUT BEFORE YOU START WRITING as you may ju... Read More

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