Subject: Wadelene Joseph a.k.a Ms. Carole
Content: Wadelene Joseph also known as Ms. Carole is not only one of the hottest rising female producers in the business, but is multi-talented with experience in modeling, acting, writing, producing, distribution, promoting MOVIES and hosting radio and TV shows. She is now the producer and a cast member of the new independent’s film “ MISTAKING SPELL .” Ms. Carole was born in the Caribbean and moved to Broward County Florida in her teen where she graduated High School and college. She has been called “The Caribbean Oprah without the money.” in the South Florida community. Her radio and TV shows have made her well known, so that many listeners turn to her for help. She has always been good in responding and doing whatever she can to help. She had her own radio and TV show emanating from Broward County for over three years. She is currently doing a radio show on WSRF 1580 AM planet radio for CHS a Non-profit organization in Miami, every year from September 3rd to November 2nd, to promote the Roots Musical Festival, which she has been doing ad placement for on various radio station in south Florida. She has also been the co-stage manager for the past three years. She not only writes her own TV shows, but she has also written and produced four independent films targeting the Caribbean community which has been released on DVD in the USA, Canada, Europe, and in the Caribbean . Now, she has over than 12 movie scripts, ready for production. Her company Kompa en action, Inc is about to produce one of her script “MISTAKING SPELL” targeting every market in the world. Her philosophy can best be summed up with the following: “Why think about what you can do tomorrow? Just think about what you can do today, to make your life or someone else’s better. Why wait for tomorrow? It is all about today.” For Ms. Carole movies, go to: