Title: Script Writer Call for Boston
Description: This is a call for a vibrant, eclectic and knock your socks off Haitian movie script that has the potential for a multi part or series lasting up to 10 Hours Submit up to 4 page executive summary of your script FAQ Deadline Sunday December 12, 2010 @ 10PM EST to - Casting call for local Boston area talents will take place between Mid December to January 15 2011 - You can incorporate limited scenes in Haiti - All the filming will be in Boston or Haiti starting in January 2011 - 5 Finalists will be selected to submit their script in its entirety - The most desired script will be selected by the end of December 2010 - Filming of this project will last between 6 months to up to 3 years - Low budget movie - Compensation: Mixture of small upfront cash plus realistic sales royalty - Entire script does not have to be completed at the time the script is selected - Willing to make modification on the fly to reflect current issues - Movie will be in Creole. An English Version will also be created - Writer does not have to live in Boston. However, he/she must have superior networking capacity to connect with producer - It can be about anything Tentative Timeline 11/21/10 12/12/10 Submission dates for Executive Summary of script 12/12/10 12/31/10 1 of 5 finalist script selected 12/31/10 1/30/11 Casting Call 1/30/11 X/XX/XX Filming