Title: Advanced shooting workshop in CA
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Blog Entry: Advanced Shooting Workshop Early Bird Prices Starting at $359 Take your videos to the next level with our Advanced Shooting workshop! Become more efficient in your shooting abilities and create better looking video with that elusive "film-look." You will learn creative composition, advanced shooting techniques, dramatic angles and framing all while shooting with a variety of equipment. Class size is limited so register today to reserve your spot in this exciting hands-on workshop! Register Now: August 13-15, 2010 December 10-12, 2010 March 18-20, 2011 Topics covered, with lots of hands-on exercises so you can do it for yourself: Video Standards Shooting Pre-Production Organizing Equipment & Crew Lenses and Filters StediCams Dolly Systems Jibs Cranes Car Mounts Helmet Mounts On-Camera Lighting Natural Frames The Illusion of Depth Lens Compression Creating Emphasis Dramatic Angles and Framing Trucks and Arcs Getting That Film Look Friday 7:45 AM  Doors open 8:00 AM  Workshop Intro & Orientation 8:30 AM  Camera Technology 9:45 AM  Camera Equipment 10:45 AM  Hands-on Production Equipment 11:30 AM  Lunch Break  (on your own) 1:00 PM  Organizing the Production 2:00 PM  Class Production: Concepting and Storyboarding 3:15 PM  Production Crews 4:00 PM  Shooting Aesthetics 5:00 PM  Conclusion and Movie Night at  Videomaker ! Saturday 7:45 AM  Doors open 8:00 AM  Shooting Techniques 9:00 AM  Class Production: Studio Shooting (Dolly, Lighting) 11:30 AM  Lunch Break  (on your own) 12:30 PM  Class Production: Field Shooting (Crane, Steadicam, Helmet-Cam, Lighting) 5:00 PM  Q & A with the  Videomaker  Editors Sunday 7:45 AM  Doors open 8:00 AM  Class Production: Car Mounted Shooting 9:30 AM  Importing and Digitizing Video 10:00 AM  Critique Shots and Instructor Edit Project 12:15 PM  Project Screening 1:00 PM  Class Ends Register now