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I can taste Success

mem_normal OFFLINE
30 years old
United States
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JOB: Working
DRINK: Socially
RELIGION: Catholic
BODY TYPE: Average
MEMBER SINCE: 02/05/2009
STAR SIGN: Aquarius
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*I love running, writing, reading, chatting, and dancing.

*I love Horror, comedy, action, drama, romantic.
Love them all.

*I Enjoy all types of music, I can be very adaptable.

Salsa, bachata, merengue, r&b, Hip hop, jazz, etc

*I believe reading is a positive aspect. I don't have any particular favorite books though. I'll read anything. As long as I learn a few things from them, I'm happy.

People who are...
* Highly intelligent
* Outgoing & open-minded
* Goal oriented & Hard working
* Possess the ability to Make Things Happen

******* Confidence is Extremely Sexy *******

People who are...
* Have no Goals in life
* Depend on others for everything
* Lyers and cheaters
* Anti-Social
* Lazy, shy & Boring
* Selfish & Self-centered

Good day everyone :) I am on here to meet different people all over the world who are able to help me succeed in the acting industry. I have so much potential and am looking forward for my future. It is definitly a dream that will come true. I was never involved in any type of acting programs or classes while being in school. I do know that I possess tremendous skills though. Everyone deserves a chance, and maybe a second. I am a 20 year old young hispanic lady that craves success. I am very loyal. I enjoy making people smile. I love learning about everything really! And I enjoy getting to know others and listening to their experiences on life. I do not discriminate, i'll chat with anyone as long as they come to me with RESPECT. :) I'm currently working a full time job and will be attending college for the first time ever in the summer. I absolutly LoVe running. I work out almost everyday and try my best to stay healthy. I love excitement and I think gossip is hilarious. I can enjoy that, once in a while. I dont drink much, if i do, it's usually on occasions with my most trusted. I'm very ambitious and I go all out to reach a goal. I would like to become an actress and I am very confident when it comes down to it. I Defend what I love and believe in with a passion. I Follow my own path, do not follow any one elses.
I love reading and writing, Love spending time with Like-minded folks. I ignore people that seem to have no heart!.. because i do have a big one. I can be very cold though, only if you push me to that level. :( Other than that, I'm a very loving person who likes to find humor in many things in this world. Right now, i'm just focused on working, getting things paid, working out, family, knowledge and bettering my self. =)

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From: tiboul
08/10/2009 19:50:03

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From: christopher_stines
02/05/2009 17:05:25

Are you an Actress ?

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